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Gart+Art is available in two variations:

Combination E
Stainless steel with applications in the visual appearance of stainless steel.*
(*brass - galvanically coated)

Combination M
Stainless steel with applications from natural brass


The Garden Concept

Walks, walls, plants, seatings... landscape gardening is indeed a demanding task. And, on top of it, light and water are two important components, that must be considered in a timely fashion when planning a garden.
The Gart+Art programme has everything ready for you, so you can make water generously available and put the garden in the right light. Attractively formed pylons and practical helpers create design highlights in an integrated concept.



This exclusive collection is created in the Kull Design hightech-manufactory, where you find precise workmanship. We produce small series in highest quality, fine gems made of steel, that fit perfectly in modern green worlds, be it a private garden or a public park.

We invite you to explore and experience the world of Gart+Art.