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Kull-Design Info:

As Germany's leading supplier of multi-award winning and patented garden faucets, we rely above all on innovative technologies.
Customer Advantage:
The smooth-running rotary valve is fully open with a ½ turn.
• Precise and durable ceramic marking cartridge DVGW
• Care of equipment and materials starts before winter!

Precautionary measures before the first frost:
That valve should be open ...
or during the winter months remove and store cool - not too dry, but frost-free. (for example in a plastic bag)

Dripping faucet
A constantly dripping faucet not only leads to limescale stains, the unwanted water consumption also causes unnecessary costs.

Rotary Grips
In the smooth-running rotary handles a cartridge with two counter-rotating ceramic discs ensures the necessary tightness. This standard part used worldwide is usually very durable - when your tap drips now, it is usually not on the wear, but on limescale, dirt or sand in the pipe. If something gets stuck between these fine creatures something can break out - then the tap drips.

Visual inspection
The cartridge can be unscrewed after unscrewing the handle using a 17 mm open end wrench. By visual inspection, you can see at the bottom whether the two ceramic discs are intact. If these have broken out (due to frost, sand or chips in the pipe) only the replacement of the cartridge will help. (1/2 "top cartouche item no. 45.088 or 45.070, for example)

To clean the vinegar bath
However, if (only) soiling or limescale deposits can be seen, cleaning with vinegar or limescale cleaner is recommended. Then rinse the cartridge with water, replace it and tighten.