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Flat sealing

KULL TIPP: Top – flat-tight with rising Spindle
Turn a Tap on only a Handset, apart from the fact that others may not get it up, You may be damaging the flat seal.
The Result: The Tap Starts dripping and You need to turn even harder.

How To repair a dripping Tap
1) At the Latest, when You have to turn Your Tap (the Expert says "Valve ") more and more tightly so that it does not drip all the time, it is Time to do something.
2) Overlook these Warning Signs, then either a more elaborate Repair is due or at worst the entire Valve must be replaced.
3) First, Lock the Water Supply to the Valve.
4) Now Open the Rotary Handles by at least half a spin to Relieve any Overpressure that may still exist. Then Take the Handles off, which is usually done by pulling heated. Now the Valve's Top Is free. It is equipped with a Six-edge At its Top, where You can attach a 17-key. A small Jolt Counter-clockwise and the Valve's Top Dissolves. It can then be easily turned out by hand.
5) At its Bottom, You see the Seal-a black Rubber Platter attached to a Metal Disc with a raised Edge by a Mother.
6) Solve this Mother and lift the Seal out of her Deposit. A small Screwdriver can serve well.
7) If You Flip the Seal and find that it is still plan on this Side in Contrast to the front, then You can use it right back with the "good " Side to the front. If the Back is also already deformed, then You have to get a new Seal. You can Get them in any plumbing shop or in the DIY store.


1) Turn The Valve top Back in and tighten tightly with the 17-key.
2) Put The Handle on the richer haltering, pre-rake between Grip and Haltering with some Silicone Grease and tighten Haltering well. (If Necessary, something Butter-always goes better than nothing)
3) On a smooth turn of the Hand wheel pay attention, if necessary with a Rubber hammer Give two light blows to the Top so that the Hand wheel can Position itself and run free.

1) After Prolonged Consumption – the Tap drips and was then turned more and more Tightly-the Top came before that the top, together with the Handle and Haltering, when turning " flew out" here , the Above warning signs were overlooked!
2) The inside top was not firmly on
3) When Turning, the Spindle with the Rubber seal had to go down further and further ...
4) By turning tightly jammed (counters), the Handle then jammed with the Top
5) This is a couple of times good until the Thread from the Top no longer grips enough
6) then it can happen that this turns out completely together – you become NASS!


1) With a Water Pump Pliers, hold the Thread of the Brass inner top (22551) – without damaging!
2) Turn off the Richer Mother And peel off the Handle
3) Now again Assemble – Installation as Described above.

If you have any Questions, You can also call!