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intake undure automation

The Gart+Art® Open – Air – Valve Has an intake air automatic system for Emptying garden lines at the Bottom, which allows < 0.5 bar of Air to enter when Pressed on Operations.
If, at the Beginning of the Frost period, the Cordon Valve for the garden Line is closed and the Emptying valve opens, air enters the Line via the Ventilation Air system and the Line runs safely empty. An opening Of the Garden Cordon Valve for Emptying Is omitted by the Automatic Intake air. When Filling the Line day, the Intake air Valve closes independently when Reaching a Print Print > 0.5 bar.

For safe Emptying, the Line must be moved to the Emptying Valve with Gradients. Water bags must be avoided.
The Difference In height between The Outlet Valve and The Emptying Valve must be at least 50 cm.
A Flow Pressure of 0.5 bar at the Outlet Valve must be ensured (Feed lines Exceeding a Length of 8 m should therefore be executed in 3/4 Inches).
With constant Water Leakage, this can be dismantled for Cleaning.
Strong Pressure fluctuations can result in short-term dripping Water leakage.
In case of Pollution and constant Water Leakage, the Intake Air Valve must be cleaned.