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Cleaning oft the stainless steel

• Check the product bevore installation for possibile corrosion from, possibily, metals or chemicals not having been noticed initially.
• Start with weekly cleaning to detemine and specify the optimum period. Pay attention that no deposits are formed (e.g. salts, dust, dirt, etc. are allowed to deposit on the product.
• Avoid direct contact with other metals; especially iron, concrete, etc.
• Cleaning of the product can normally be carried out with not chlorinated basin water. Should first indication or rust have formed, clean the parts with a stainless steel cleaner (No scouring agent)
• Pay special attention tot he intermediate areas.
• Check the stainless steel product element during an annual preventive maintenance.

Information: You will have fewer problems with corrosion and the parts will be more corrosion resistent, if you are caring for and cleaning your product regulary.