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Help the tap drips this is annoying ...

And starts with a question
We bought a tap from you, unfortunately it was not dense from the beginning. Rather, after opening once, he could no longer be completely closed. Only after the water was turned off and turned up again did no more water come through. During a new repair attempt, the plastic part of the valve broke me. Can you send me a replacement valve for this tap?

Typical assembly error:
Sand in the gearbox!! Short on-dirt pinched and too!
Back on-dirt blown on and valve defective!
Guarantee? – design flaw? No assembly error!
Commissioning wrong – line not flushed!

Commissioning of garden taps and accessories:
Valves and pipes expertly have a dense – is clear.


Installation tip for outdoor taps and water stops in spring
Important: During the initial installation, the line should be flushed before the rooster is assembled, as plastic shavings from the deburring of the PE pipes can clog the valve immediately.

Open the tap in full and rinse the pipe with about 3-4 lt. Water intensively
Only then close the tap.
In this way, impurities such as deposits, chips, rust, grains of sand or other particles are washed out, which can impair the function of the valves-then check for function and tightness.

In the case of well water, the installation of an additional dirt filter is recommended to ensure the functionality of the fittings.

Precautionary measures before the first frost:

Garden taps and water-leading pipes outside are completely empty. If your garden water pipe does not graze and does not empty completely, it is advisable to blow it out with compressed air to avoid frost damage. (Cracks in pipes, fittings and connector parts.)