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Short-Set 1/2
Short-Set 1/2

Art. No. 11040-M

Short-Set 1/2" Exterior Valve

Dimension: B: 4,8 H: 12,0 T: 8,8 cm    weight: 1.00kg

(112,61 € net)




Stainless Steel/Brass
134,01 €

The versatile outdoor collection of Gart+ART® in Premium Brands Quality
Made in Germany! by KULL Design

1/2 Inch Faucet Including rosette And Pipe Ventilator Hose closure thread 3/4 Inches
Flat-tight With built-in intake undure automation (DVGW Euronorm) and PTFE Threaded sealing Rings ...
-Assembly Without Hemp or PTFE band- just put together
Corrective Twists and Replay assembly with the same Seal ring are not a Problem.

The trendy Gart + ART® Outdoor Taps are made in Brass Casting, are sturdy, look noble-Modern Statement in a clear Design.
In addition to the solitary Application on the Wall or at Cones, they miss every Garden an unexcited Glam-up.
High-quality brass couplings or stainless steel Optics complement the Range for The Quick click connection to the Garden hose.

In detail:
Threadd seals
Bagues Pour Filetages - Rings For Threads

The threaded seals have been further developed by the use of special PTFE compounds. This has improved important factors for the use of our seals and ensures:

The flawless use and sealing of our products on the thread
and an elastic magnification, during application, on the thread and the
Adaptation to the groove, which guarantees safe use.

These threaded seals have been the most well-known in the world for several years.

Suitable products

Wall Mount Hose Reel

Hose Holder


119,00 €

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