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faucet a26cm
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faucet a26cm
40-445_wasserauslauf.jpg 40-445_dorfbrunnen.jpg
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Art. No. 40.445

faucet 23 cm (no Rosett)

Dimension: B: 5,0 H: 7,0 T: 23,0 cm    weight: 1.50kg

(155,46 € net)





A stylish eye-catcher at your waterhole!

This historic-looking gargoyle is lovingly hand crafted in the Kull Design Manufactory according to old originals.
Impressive is the detailed processing of the water-spouting mythical creatures. The longevity we achieve with high-quality materials such as weather-resistant aluminum art casting, stainless steel connectors and the durable powder coating. Whether animal grimaces or ornamental tendrils, with the artistically applied patina we give each water outlet its special touch.

Easy to mount:

The water connection in this model is equipped with a turning system and so always fits-promised!
No matter if your connection thread has ½ "or ¾" – inside or outside thread!!
The attached patent-turning nipple with hexagon socket allows this variable assembly.

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