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wall rosette 10-21cm
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wall rosette 10-21cm
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Art. No. 40.261

wall rosette 10*21cm

Dimension: B: 21,0 H: 21,0 T: 10,0 cm    weight: 1.00kg

(91,60 € net)




wall rosette fauntains

the rosette has a ¾ " centering-thread extension D = 32 mm x 26 mm length (40.401) and a concealed locking screw M6 is affixed to the bottom.
All rosettes are combined and according to the depth you need still appropriate extensions, which we like to equal supply on request.
You can equip your individual circumstances so with the decorative Kull design decorative rosettes. The guarantee of the longevity is the weather-resistant aluminium with durable powder coating. A patina applied by hand gives the product its special touch.

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