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Stainless steel shower plate 250 mm round
Stainless steel shower plate 250 mm round
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Art. No. 40.654-25

Shower plate 25cm
stainless steel shiny

Dimension: B: 20,0 H: 0,42 T: 20,0 cm    weight: 0.68kg

(158,82 € net)




overhead shower 250 mm round, with QuickClean, swiveling ball joint. Connection thread 1/2 "IT

In detail:
We put the highest value in the design of this wellness product
focused on clear design and functionality.

Extremely flat, no screws (edge ​​laser welded), surface matt satin. Due to the flat design of only 4 mm, there is no dripping
and the 60 anti-limescale nozzles are equipped with flexible QuickClean silicone nubs ...
so you can rub away limescale deposits ...
for a hygienic and even shower jet.
Well-cared for products stay functional and beautiful longer.