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Aerator for kull garden water tap
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Aerator for kull garden water tap

Art. No. 22548


Dimension: B: 2,1 H: 1,2 T: 2,1 cm    weight: 0.01kg

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The beam controller

Also called a pearl, mixed nozzle or faucet , is located at the outlet opening of the tap. This is responsible for the perfect beam quality. The water we are mixed here with air and thus more pleasant during the water leak, crystal clear and splash free.
The perlator holds back lime and other coarse solids such as deposits and stones.
Vandalism protection -no impressions are possible due to the honeycomb structure!

In detail:

The tap splashes in all directions at the front – what to do?

Everyone probably knows the problem that the faucet comes out of the line only slightly when it is turned up and has a tip.
This is a clear sign that solids such as dirt, rust and lime deposits are gathering and clogging up on the sieve.


Settler clean:
All you need to do is to screw down the sieve (it consists of an outer ring with thread, a rubber seal and the screen).

House funds:
For a few hours, place the removed mixing nozzle in a mixture of hot water, vinegar and lemon juice (1:1)
Warning: Please without sealing gum, otherwise it will become brittle. Depending on the calcification, leave to act for a longer period of time and then rinse with pure water.
However, if this is very contaminated, and you no longer get it really clean, you can buy the pearl for a few euros from us.

While the mixing nozzle is inserted in the vinegar or citric acid, the tap should be turned up to the full to flush out loose dirt particles that are still in the pipe.

If necessary, but clean at least once a year. Of course, the frequency of purification also depends on the degree of hardness of the water in the place and the age of the water pipes in the place. The harder the water and the older the pipes, the more often you should also decalcalt/the peralator.

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