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Stainless steel light bollards by Gart + Art for paths and garden – You get this at <B>kull-design</B> shop!
Stainless steel light bollards by Gart + Art for paths and garden – You get this at <B>kull-design</B> shop!

Art. No. 22300-E

Light pylon hight 67 cm, with two-sided light exit

Dimension: B: 15,0 H: 67,0 T: 15,0 cm    weight: 7.00kg

(670,59 € net)




The stainless steel light bollards from the Gart+ART® series by Kull Design are available in two different versions. The applications of hat and floor rosette can be selected in stainless steel optics or natural brass .
The high demand for innovative development was energy efficiency, a high efficiency as well as glare-free and optimal light distribution with a lot of design freedom to access paths , terraces and seats To set the right light -demanding-persuasive.

• Three different heights: 52 cm, 67 cm and 106 cm
one-sided or two-sided light exit
• matte satin acrylic glass
Energy-saving 7W and 11W compact fluorescent lamps
• adjustable floor fastening element
• concealed screws
• Protection type IP54.

The lights meet the highest standards and are perfect in form and functionality
Made in Germany!

The matted acrylic glass, together with commercially available 7W and 11W compact fluorescent lamps , ensures safe and energy-saving illumination at night and during the day, the Gart+ART® product line with its distinctive design is one An eye-catcher at every location!

Various floor anchorages such as earth spike or earth base also a socket module is available as an option.

In detail:

Installation instructions for light bollards
-Push up the floor rosette of the light bollards by about 10 cm
-Dissolve inco screws at the base of the luminaire (four pieces in total)
-pulling out the luminaire element
-mark holes with assembly shelf
(Pay attention to the correct alignment of the light windows)
-holes drill and gloat (dvities 10mm)
-Push cables through cable performance in the interior of the luminaire
-Stit the inner light element to the ground and level it with inbus screws
-Connect cables
-Put light on and attach to the perimeter with four inbus screws
-peel off hat and put bulbs in version
-Put hat on
-Clean light

Lamp change
-Hut peel off
-replacing light bulbs
-Put hat on
National electrotechnical safety regulations must be observed for the installation and operation of the lamp. The foot point of the lamp must not be flooded.

The lamp must be connected by an electrical professional!

Suitable products

graund base

In-Graund Base
ø11*40 cm


149,00 €

ground spike

Garden Peg
ø11*40 cm


95,00 €

graund base Counter-Flange


42,00 €

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