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finest products of brass customized for you
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finest products of brass customized for you
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Art. No. 40.428BR

Water Tap long

Dimension: B: 4,8 H: 11,0 T: 14,5 cm    weight: 1.00kg

(83,95 € net)




KULL Design Premium Garden Water Hoppy
Created for aesthetically-sophisticated Design of Water Points.

As Germany's leading Supplier of multi-award-winning and patented Garden Fittings, we rely primarily on timelessly Elegant Forms with innovative Technology in design and Technology.

• Brass massively-Bronze.
• Top flat-tight-Spindle for easy Maintenance.
• The connection thread is self-sealing By means of the pressed Thread density ring! Advantage: Easy Assembly without Hemp or Sealing Tape.
• The Faucet has a built-in Back flow Control At the Bottom of the Neck.
• At the Front is a Safety Valve With Pipe Ventilator and Backflow Control – the Connection thread for the Garden hose is 3/4 "

In detail:
Installation without hemp or PTFE band
The KULL DESIGN components, equipped with PTFE thread density rings, are simply assembled and allow for repeat assembly and corrective rotation.
The sealing rings have an elastic magnification during application, thread and adjustment to the groove, which guarantees safe use.
These threaded seals have been the most well-known in the world for several years.

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