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a brass classik garden tap
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a brass classik garden tap
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Art. No. 40.744

3/4 "faucet

Dimension: B: 4,1 H: 13,0 T: 11,5 cm    weight: 0.76kg

(62,94 € net)




Faucet 1 '' Silverstone-anthracite and knob in brass.

Solid craftsman quality for INSIDE and OUTSIDE
A drain valve with DVGW approval in the von Kull design - simple and functional -

In detail:
• Connection thread Inlet: 1"External thread
• Front water outlet: with centering star for more uniform water flow 5/4"
• Valve Body: brass CR Stained
• Upper part: Gag T-handle with rising spindle and flat gasket
• O-Ring seal: NBR with KTW/w 270 approvals
• Maximum operating temperature: 90 °c
• Maximum working pressure: 10 Bar
• Weight: 0.8 kg
• Dimensions: 11.5 cm, Height 13 cm, Width 4,1 cm
• Euronorm Drinking Water Ordinance-DVGW Approval
• Threaded connection ISO228 (complies with DIN EN ISO 228/BS EN ISO 228

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