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best products Pipe Mounting Clamp stainless steel
best products Pipe Mounting Clamp stainless steel

Art. No. 45.097-27

Pipe fixing clamp 27 mm

Dimension: B: 5,5 H: 2,4 T: 4,5 cm    weight: 0.02kg

(8,07 € net)




Pipe Mounting Clamp Stainless steel A4 with hinge for folding

clamping range of 26-28 mm
• Incl. stock screw in stainless steel A2 m8 x 50 mm
• Profile rubber for damage-free clamping, aging and weather resistant
• Quick release for safe and fast installation
• Clamping screw M5 with combi-slot for Blade and Phillips screwdriver

In detail:
Temperature resistance min./max. -40 to 110 °c

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