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lengtening for garden tap and faucet
lengtening for garden tap and faucet
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Art. No. 40.653M

Lengtening 1/2" - ø 3,0 x 13 cm

Dimension: B: 3,0 H: 3,0 T: 13,0 cm    weight: 0.70kg

(26,47 € net)




Lengtening Manchon Allonge Nipplo lungho ottone

In detail:
Installation without hemp or PTFE band
The KULL DESIGN components, equipped with PTFE thread density rings, are simply assembled and allow for repeat assembly and corrective rotation.
The sealing rings have an elastic magnification during application, thread and adjustment to the groove, which guarantees safe use.
These threaded seals have been the most well-known in the world for several years.

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wall rosette 0,6*05,5*3cm


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