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Brass nipples as a swashumeter - reduction from 1/2
Brass nipples as a swashumeter - reduction from 1/2

Art. No. 45.061

Barrel nipple raw ½"-¾"

Dimension: B: 2,6 H: 2,6 T: 2,2 cm    weight: 0.01kg

(5,71 € net)




Transition nipple adapter with threaded connection DN15 (1/2") x DN20 (3/4")
- self-sealing - with inner multi-tooth for 12-man Imbus key

In detail:
Threadd seals

Bagues Pour Filetages - Rings For Threads

The threaded seals have been further developed by the use of special PTFE compounds. This has improved important factors for the use of our seals and ensures:

The flawless use and sealing of our products on the thread
and an elastic magnification, during application, on the thread and the
Adaptation to the groove, which guarantees safe use.

These threaded seals have been the most well-known in the world for several years.

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