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garden tap long
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garden tap long
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Tabelle Gewindemaße

Art. No. 40.593-M

Faucet Dragon 1/2 "incl. Coupling piece and rosette

Dimension: B: 2,8 H: 9,0 T: 14,0 cm    weight: 0.60kg

(83,95 € net)




Wasserhahn Drache 1/2'' inkl. Kupplungsstück und Rosette
Kupplungsstück und Knebel in brass

Der Design Wasserhahn verbindet gestalterische Eleganz mit handwerklicher Perfektion.
Ein echter Blickfang an jeder Wasserstelle
• Europa Norm: RV Rückflusssicherung (Rohrtrenner) DVGW eingebaut!

In detail:
The traditional design for this 1/2 "version is underlined by its attractive design. The half-inch external thread on the wall connector reliably connects this slightly longer tap with the associated outlet about 13 cm from the wall. This opens up options for the problem-free filling of watering cans or buckets. Optionally, the outlet can also be provided with a Coupling for hoses or a hose attachment. The two-winged tap on the top ensures reliable control of the water supply. The overall dimensions of this tap are: 140 mm x 53 mm x 160 mm (HxWxD).

Suitable products

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transition ½ to ¾ inch


9,90 €

Hose Connector

Quick-Coupling 1/2"x13mm


14,90 €