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Kull Design
Stands for function with a distinctive character, our feel is supposed to appeal to feelings and then it has to work with other components. This is mainly my work: I don't just want to build parts, but I want to create atmosphere. Putting items into a dialogue, invigorating objects-the user should have the wow experience and do so every time our products are used repeatedly.

Your Juergen Kull

-Univ.-Doz.-Gründer/GF by Kull • Design and Gart+Art®

Architectural design elements – outdoor inspirations-exceptional design for country house & modern outside living such as outdoor taps, water taps, stainless steel fountains and garden showers can be found in our Kull Store on two floors as well as on the net below www.kull-design.com
The company has been developing and manufacturing its own factory at the gates of the Black Forrest – Made in Germany-for 40 years-with worldwide shipping.

KULL Design · 76646 Bruchsal · Molzaustraße 6 · www.kull-design.com · 07251.97300